FPV drone racing or first-person- view drone racing is a sport where in the pilots or the person controlling wears a head mounted displays that shows the live stream camera feed of the camera equiped drones that we used for service. The FPV flying means that pilot only see what is captured by the drone’s camera. The goal of this sport is to complete a set of course as fast as possible while competing with the other pilots. This sport is quite new since it hasn’t been long after the drone itself was released in the market. The World Air Sports Federation introduced the sporting code and sanctions in FPV events.

drone-1538957_640The controller of the drone and goggles are connected via radio and it transmits with sufficient speed and reliability to allow effective control to the drone as it goes through the course. While the pilots wear the goggles, some drone racing organizations insists that the spectators wear them too. This technology is still new and is constantly being improved for better performance. Any drones could be used to race, however due to certain race standards that the pilot’s drones have to meet, ordinary drone’s cannot be used for FPV competitions unless they meet the standards. The Drone Racing League makes all of the drones used for racing, the pilots supplied with drones and backup and parts for the competitions to be fair and square.

Drones used for racing are designed to focus all their energy to moving forward, unlike those intended for video or photography which is focused on hovering. What differs between the two is that the latter have four equally spaced blades configured in an x-pattern so it hovers while the racing model has its blades configured in an H-pattern to thrust forward and not hover up.

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