PlayStation Neo is finally here! Last September 7, a PlayStation meeting event by Sony was held in New York to finally introduced PlayStation 4 Pro previously known as PS 4.5 or the PlayStation Neo. A new and improved PlayStation series is coming and it’ll be a 4K/HDR- equipped version of the PS4. Talking about more HD PlayStation, this is gonna be classic!

This new console will offer an upgrade over the existing PS4 while being fully compatible with the existing games and will not carry exclusive releases.

So instead of just slimming down the hardware, the Pro is updating the PlayStation platform to support 4K output and to enable better playback of VR content. PS4 Pro can also support 4K video playback to deliver 4K streaming video services- Netflix and YouTube are few of the examples.

video-controller-336657_640By boosting the performance and capability of its system such as the CPU and GPU, the new console allows games to bring out graphics which are more detailed and with precise image quality. Those 4K users will now be able to enjoy all PS4 titles in an even higher quality, which will be in 4K quality resolution, faster and more stable frame rates. However even if you don’t own a 4K or HDR TV, the games that you have will still look upgraded by boosting the graphics suite for lower definition displays, PS4 Pro will automatically output and adjust to the best resolution possible while playing at the determined setting of the game. There is also no need to buy new versions of the PS4 games that you already have because a number of games will be patched on to work as well on PS4 Pro. So every PS 4 game title that are available and those that will be available in the future will run on all PS4 consoles as well as PS4 Pro.


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