Drone Racing

FPV drone racing or first-person- view drone racing is a sport where in the pilots or the person controlling wears a head mounted displays that shows the live stream camera feed of the camera equiped drones that we used for service. The FPV flying means that pilot only see what is captured by the drone’s camera. The goal of this sport is to complete a set of course as fast as possible while competing with the other pilots. This sport is quite new since it hasn’t been long after the drone itself was released in the market. The World Air Sports Federation introduced the sporting code and sanctions in FPV events. drone-1538957_640The controller of the drone and goggles are connected via radio and it transmits with sufficient speed and reliability to allow effective control to the drone as it goes through the course. While the pilots wear the goggles, some drone racing organizations insists that the spectators wear them too. This technology is still new and is constantly being improved for better performance. Any drones could be used to race, however due to certain race standards that the pilot’s drones have to meet, ordinary drone’s cannot be used for FPV competitions unless they meet the standards. The Drone Racing League makes all of the drones used for racing, the pilots supplied with drones and backup and parts for the competitions to be fair and square. Drones used for racing are designed to focus all their energy to moving forward, unlike those intended for video or photography which is focused on hovering. What differs between the two is that the latter have four equally spaced blades configured in an x-pattern so it hovers while the racing model has its blades configured in an H-pattern to thrust forward and not hover up.

iPhone 7

September 9 in San Francisco today, Apple has released the most anticipated next generation’s best iPhone series ever – the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 dramatically is like iPhone 6 2.0 as it improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. New advanced camera systems, more improved long battery life, impressive stereo speakers, colorful display and other added features like splash and water resistance are only some of the best features of this amazing smartphone. Its aesthetic is breath-taking as it will also be available in jet black and it’s absolutely stunning and powerful as it is. iphone-518101_640The most significant changes on the new iPhone include an two upgraded camera that works at the same time, a new home button and the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It also comes in a new range of elegant colours including the most anticipated jet black iPhone and has a starting size of 32GB. Instead of the traditional headphone connection, the iPhone 7 will now come with earphones that fit into the phone’s lightning port where it is currently used for charging. One of the most crucial decisions made for this new model is the removal of the the headphone jack. For the new iPhone 7, the package contains a pair of Lightning Earpods that connects through the charging port and W1 chip wireless Apple Airpods. The infrared sensor will detect when each pod is placed in you ear and your motion sensors can control the headphones to ask Siri to do something for you. The cameras on both new iPhones will have 12 megapixels as well as 4K video recording capability and that it also enables you to edit videos. It has image stabilization and new camera flash to improve low light image taking.

Tesla Car Reviews

The Tesla Model S 90 D’s electric drive train is said to be substantially more efficient than any internal combustion engine available in a car and it gives it surprisingly smooth and quick acceleration. This drive comes with a smart dual motor system and the autopilot feature eases the stress whenever stop-and-go traffic and long road trips are encountered. Tesla’s Model S is one of a kind and is unlike anything we’ve seen before wearing a tax disc, it has the size and pace and of course the range and capacity to compete with a conventionally powered rival. car-1209912_640Tesla is currently pioneering the development of electric vehicles in America. Tesla’s first release, the Tesla Roadster was a little crude however provided massive thrills in a working package, the idea that an American- built electric is not only feasible but fun as well. And so Tesla’s Model S has been a hit since it was released. Even at Tesla’s charging stations, recharging the battery could still take significantly longer that refilling a car’s gas tank, limiting as to where you can drive. From the different flavors of Tesla Model S, the 90 D is the most recommended one to get. It exhibits the best range and all-wheel drive while it offers uncomplicated driving experience that can compete against other competitors. Tesla Cars exhibited the ease of using the normal and original car. Walking up to the car even with key on your pocket automatically unlocks the door of your car. And as you hop in the car, it powers up even without having to get to the start button and so the car only needs to be put in the drive to be able to go on the road.

Best Smart Phones of 2016

With so many phones available out there it’s hard to choose which ones to really look out for. However there are really ones that are on top of every list which are recommended by users and gadget enthusiasts based on the brand, specs and hd quality of the smartphone. Below are some of the brands that are best as of this year according to some reviews.  
  1. relaxation-1388228_640Samsung Galaxy 7/ S7 Edge
So far, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are clearly one of the best smartphones available in the industry today reviewed on terms of its specifications, refined design, and capabilities. The only con in this phone is that it’s a fingerprint magnet and that S7 Edge’s screen sometimes facilitate inadvertent screen presses in which Samsung said would be fixed with a software update very soon.  
  1. HTC
HTC had already set the bar several years back for the use of metal and enhanced design elements and now it’s back with a real winner. HTC 10 is the new winner out of all HTCs since all that is great about HTC is now all in one device, the HTC 10. No other phone can match the superb quality audio experience of the HTC 10 so if you use your phone for music or videos and like having a pocketable that can withstand and go along with daily life’s activities, then this is the phone for you.  
  1. Apple iPhone 6S Plus/ 6S
The iPhone 6S takes a strong design and this is a more powerful handset than the previous one, meaning it is slicker and much faster. There’s also been a refresh to camera in a long time. Some of its features are not unique however, Apple does it better.